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AM-1192 CF6-6/50 Gantry Type Split Engine Shipping and Assembly System

The Self Erecting, Air Transportable, Gantry Type Split Engine Transport System was first pioneered by AGSE in 1973. This system enables an airline to ship a spare engine in the lower forward cargo compartment of a regularly scheduled, wide body passenger or freight configured aircraft with a 96 inch or wider door. Split system may also be transported in any of the narrow body, main deck freighters. This method of shipment is used for moving a serviceable engine to an aircraft which has experienced an engine failure, and it has been determined, not to be economical to ferry the aircraft. This system is also utilized for movement of spare engines from the engine manufacturer or overhaul agency to the airlines main operating base or line station where pooling is planned. When examining the costs of chartering an aircraft or paying for pallet positions for shipping the engine upright, it will be seen how the gantry type split engine system can pay for itself in very few shipments.

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