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AM-1217 Wing Work Stand (B767, B747, L-1011, DC-10, A300)

The AM-1217 Wing Stands have been designed specifically for under wing, leading and trailing edge access of the Lockheed L-1011 and the Boeing 747 in the jacked and un-jacked condition. Due to their vertical adjustment, excellent access is afforded to other wide body aircraft, such as Douglas DC-10's, the family of Airbus A300's and new generations such as B767/757. Although designed for under wing se, each stand (12 in total) may be used on other areas of the aircraft such as the horizontal stabilizer and elevator. Each stand has an adjustable parallelogram stair with non-skid "AERODECK" treads. Platforms match the nominal dihedral of the aircraft and have "AERODECK" flooring with slider sections at each end. Platforms are elevated by an air-operated twin jack screw assembly driving a single scissor. Upper and lower limit devices prevent over-travel. Mobility is provided with large diameter swivel casters with locks and full face contact brakes. Services consist of electrical and air convenience outlets. Lighting is provided in the form of fluorescent light wans wired directly into junction boxes. Electrical service to the stand is from hanger power and connects to a pig-tail fitting at the base of the stand. Air service to the stands also connects at the base with each stand or interconnecting stands. A connecting hose is supplied so that up to three (3) stands along the leading edge or three (3) sections along the trailing edge may be connected. Air manifolds are located on top of each platform. The elevating system is air-powered with a control valve located on top of the platform next to the stair landing. The air system is protected with a filter and lubricator. Each stand is supplied with a tow bar, but lightweight construction will allow hand movement by three (3) to four (4) personnel.

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