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AM-1428 Three Bay 3 Rail Gantry for CF6 & RB211 Engines


• Utilized for safe breakdown & overhaul of (General Electric) CF6 & Rolls-Royce RB211 engines

• Bay consists of three beam frames which elevate from 13’ to 17’:

o Center beam contains two powered hoists & trolleys (that travel full length of beam) with 8,000 LBS capacity each
o Two side beams (one on either side of center beam) contain four non-powered trolleys with 5,000 LBS capacity each

• Each beam frame moved vertically by electric powered jack screws controlled by pendant station

o Each pendant station contains momentary push buttons for raising/lowering frame
o Equipped with red pilot light to indicate that beam frame is in full up or full down position

• Fluorescent lighting fixtures provide adequate lighting for working on either side of engine
• Each beam frame equipped with safety device that (in event of screw failure) automatically keeps lift frame from dropping beyond certain point

Dimensions & Weight:

Main Structure Horizon (End-to-End Beam): 46’ 11” (Length)
Center-to-Center Vertical Columns: 47’ (Length) x 22’ (Width)
Overall: 34’ (Width)
Station Center Beams: 13’ to 17’ (Height)
Main Structure Center Beam (Lower Rail): 19’ 3” (Height)
AM-1428-601 Column: 3,750 LBS
AM-1428-602 Column: 3,200 LBS
Bridge with Motor: 12,900 LBS
Bridge without Motor: 12,300 LBS
Lift Frame: 6,000 LBS

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