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AM-1653A Bridge Type, 2 Bay Overhaul Gantry System

AGSE Bridge Type Gantry Systems have been designed specifically for the overhaul of aircraft engines. Each station (bay) consists of a double "I" beam load frame with a vertical travel of 48". The center beam of the load frame has two powered hoists of 3 ton capacity each. These hoists are mounted on their own power driven trolleys that enable the hoist to traverse the length of the load frame. The outboard beams of the load frame are equipped with 14 non-powered, 2 ton trolleys each.

AGSE Bridge Type Gantry Systems are available in Two Bay (AM-1653) (represented in this manual) and One Bay (AM-1697) configurations as well as the Three Bay (AM-1589) systems, all of
which may be expanded to an unlimited total number of bays to facilitate small and large engine overhaul/repair workshops.

All systems incorporate scissor type lift frame with screw jack lifting mechanism (four per bay), failsafe cylinders (two per bay), powered three ton hoists (two per bay), free-wheeling carriage trolleys
(14 per bay or as required), plus all safety features and operating mechanisms necessary for safe and efficient engine overhaul & work-stations. AGSE also offers required hanger tooling for engine
suspension during overhaul operations (must be specified at time of purchase).


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