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AM-1697, Bridge Type, 1 Bay Overhaul Gantry System

  The AM-1697 system provides full QEC engine clotheslining and major module separations for service, maintenance, and overhaul operations. Hanger tooling is available for CF6-80C2 and most other engines.

One independent work station per gantry span. Multiple spans are possible per gantry system. Many different safety features are designed in. The load frame (one assembly per bay) is the main support for all powered hoists, manual trollies, hangers, and necessary hardware. Each load frame assembly is capable of a vertical travel of 43".

Center beam of the load frame has two powered hoists of 6,000 Lbs. capacity each, and is mounted on its own powered trolley for lateral movement. Each of the two outboard beams of the load frame is equipped with four non-powered trolleys with a load capacity of 4,000 Lbs. each. Standard equipment includes fluorescent light fixtures which are located outside of each outboard beam.

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