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AM-1998C Engine Transport Device (Roll-Over) for CF6-50C2 Engine


• Licensed by GE Aviation for air/truck transport of CF6-50C2 engine in QEC configuration
• Suitable for shipment on main decks of DC-10-CF & KC-10 aircraft

• Cradle capable of rotating engine 75° (to below 100”) for positioning on its side during loading/unloading to/from aircraft

o Can be rolled in either direction under full control & locked in normal & rolled positions during air shipment
o Requires four (4) technicians without specials tools & less than 20 minutes time to complete

• Bootstrap capable (with alternate lifting devices) to support engine during removal/installation from/to aircraft

• Compatible with Bootstrap Systems (click on part number links below to find out more):

o AGSE-B024-G01
o AM-2552

• Compatible with Engine Handling Sling (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AM-1005


• Retractable & shock-absorbing casters can raise entire unit (with engine) by maximum of 11.5”
• Optional truck shipping shock mounts required for ground transportation (with engine) to cushion shipping vibrations & shocks
• Can be moved by forklift

Dimensions & Weight:

Length (including double pallet): 217”
Width (including shock mounts): 97”
Width (including deployed casters): 124”
Height (pallet to top): 68”
Height (pallet to top - rotated): 98”
Height (minimum on casters): 78”
Height (maximum on casters): 89.5”
Weight: 16,700 LBS

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