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AM-2079-1, LoadMaster Caster, 10 inch diameter, 2500LBS capacity

The AGSE “Loadmaster” is a unique concept in casters specifically designed to provide shock protection, load equalization, and support for heavy loads- unavailable from conventional casters.

The 5" wide polyurethane wheels on these casters are mounted on an offset shock absorption system consisting of four heavy duty die springs. The “Knee Action” design keeps the casters ON THE FLOOR over uneven surfaces and ensures load sharing by all casters, reducing individual caster overload and premature failure. In addition, the “Loadmaster” caster provides excellent secondary protection for fragile loads by reducing shock inputs induced during towing operations. These casters are used primarily for jet engine transport equipment.

All “Loadmaster” casters are standard equipped with foot operated brakes and four-position swivel locks. Wheel diameters come in -

10 inch, 2500 and 5000 LBS capacity.
12 inch, 2500 and 5000 LBS capacity
14 inch, 5000 LBS capacity
16 inch, 6500 LBS capacity

All "Loadmaster" casters may be ordered with optional brake release handle bumpers by adding the suffix "-B" to the basic model part number. The bumpers provide hand protection when releasing the face brakes.

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