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AM-2106 Engine Handling Sling


• Attaches to FWD engine flight mount & either AFT engine flight mount or bare engine
• Offers variable CG pick-up point that can be adjusted by a hand crank
• Various engine hangers are optional

• Designed to support various engines in QEC configuration:

o JT8D
o JT9D-3A, JT9D-7A/-7F/-7J/-7Q, JT9D-7R4 & JT9D-59
o CF6-50C2 & CF6-50E2
o CF6-80C2A, CF6-80A2, CF6-80C2B, CF6-80C2D & CF6-80E1
o CFM56-3, CFM56-5A, CFM56-5B, CFM56-5C & CFM56-7
o PW2000
o PW4000-94"/-100" (Licensed by Pratt & Whitney)
o V2500-A1/-A5
o RB211-22B & RB211-535

Dimensions & Weight:

• 20.5” (Height) x 8.0” (Width) x 113.0” (Length) / 300 LBS

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