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AM-2538 CF6-80C2 Air/Truck Shipping Stand

The AM-2538 Air/Truck Shipping Stand is designed to transport, and/or store the General Electric CF6-80C2 Engine in modified QEC configuration (without inlet cowl). The stand is compliant with applicable General Electric engine handling specifications. The stand (with engine) is suitable for air transport on the main deck of B747, DC-10, and MD-11 Freighter Aircraft. Bootstrapping capabilities for MD-11 are standard with the stand. Optional adapters for B747/B767, A300 or A310 Aircraft are available. The stand includes a self-contained manual jackscrew for rotating the stand cradle (and engine) 35° to achieve the maximum engine shipping height of 101 inches. Truck shipping shock mounts pin into position to cushion truck shipping vibrations and shocks. Storage for the shocks are provided on the base assembly. A document container is secured to the base for all manuals and documents.

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