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AM-2586 (9C6005G01) Low Pressure Turbine (L.P.T.) Module Shipping Container for GE90 Engine


• Designed to transport low pressure turbine components for GE90 engine to/from work & installation locations in safe/secure manner

• Consists of watertight fiberglass cover secured in place on metal-fabricated base assembly

o Document storage receptacle included

• Interior support substructure suspended by series of elastomeric shock mount assemblies to isolate unit from ground/transport motions


• Forklift tubes positioned within base & located to best center CG with/without component in place
• Any fork truck transfer/movement requirements possible from either side of unit


Fiberglass Cover: 92.5” (Diameter)
Base Weldment: 95.5” (Width)
Base Weldment: 6.875” (Height)
Fiberglass Cover: 58.0” (Height)
Total Assembly: 64.0” (Height)

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