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AM-2700 Cradle & AM-2701 Base, PW4168 Engine Stand

The AM-2700 Cradle and AM-2701 Base are designed to transport, and/or store the Pratt and Whitney PW4164, PW4168, and PW4173 Engines in modified QEC configuration for truck shipping. Air shipment on the engine stand will require removal of some engine components. The cradle and base are compliant with applicable PW Specifications as they relate to design loads and engine interface. The stand (with engine) is suitable for air transport on the main deck of B747 Aircraft. Bootstrap provisions are included on the cradle for A330 Aircraft. A Document container is secured to the base for all manuals and documents. An optional pneumatic tire dolly (AM-1994) is available for site transportation (not air or truck shipment).

The stand consists of a separable base and cradle weldment, with the base supported by four shock absorbing caster assemblies. Each caster assembly offers a 5-inch wide by 10-inch diameter wheel for easy mobility and a weight capacity of 5,000 pounds each. Shock absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks, and face brakes are standard. All four caster assemblies are designed to pin in an elevated position for air/truck transport of the entire stand. The stand is towable from both ends, and includes towbar storage. Maximum towing speed for entire stand (with engine) is 5 Km/h (3 MPH). Integral truck shipping shock mounts cushion truck shipping vibrations and shocks.

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