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AM-2733-G01 (9C6019P01) Propulsor Shipping Stand for GE90 Engine


• Designed to transport/store GE90 engine propulsor
• Compliant with all applicable General Electric specifications
• Capable of shipment on main deck of B747F & MD-11 freighters
• Propulsor pins securely into place quickly & easily


• Consists of inseparable base & cradle assembly
• Base supported by 96” x 196” pallet
• Integral truck shipping shock mounts are positioned between base & cradle to cushion shipping vibrations & shocks
• Optional casters & tow bar are available
• Each caster assembly offers 5” wide x 10” diameter wheel for easy mobility & weight capacity of 5,000 LBS each
• Shock-absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks, & face brakes
• All four caster assemblies pin in elevated position for air/truck transport
• Tow bars stow on frame when not in use
• Maximum towing speed (with engine) is 5 Km/h or 3 MPH

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