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AM-2872 GE90 and PW4000-112 Multi Purpose Sling

The AM-2872 Multi Purpose Sling is designed to handle to GE90 Engine in 3 configurations:

•Full Engine only
•Propulsor only
•Full Engine/Propulsor in a Transport Stand

The Sling is used on 9C6000, 9C6001, 9C6011 and 9C6025 configurations. The sling has a manually adjustable suspension point to accommodate the various Center of Gravity (C.G) pints. The sling has forward and aft cross beams to allow direct suspending of load.

Adapters are provided for attachment to the engine or transport stand.

The design, construction and integrity of this unit is in accordance with, and representative of, acceptable commercial manufacturing practices. All tests of unit\'s design and structural integrity (proof
load, fit & function etc.) have been completed on the first unit and documented in accordance with all requirements.

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