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AM-3036/AM-3037 PW4000 & CF6-80C2 Hydraulic Engine Positioner and Rail Type Cradle

The AM-3036 Hydraulic Engine Positioner is designed for use with the CF6-80C2 and PW4000 engines (Ref. AM-3037 cradle). The stand is adjustable from 28" to 76" (top of rail) vertically to accommodate the necessary reach upward (48" total vertical travel). Lateral adjustment (skew) of 1-1/2" is accomplished by turning of the two hex head screws located on one side of the stand directly below the rail. The stand is also capable of pitch, roll, forward and aft movements, giving it a total of five (5) axis movements.
Hydraulic cylinders (pendant controlled) actuate the wire rope cable system to perform these maneuvers with the exception of forward and aft movement which is accomplished through the roller adapters mounted on the rails, or rolling the entire stand as required. Heavy duty turnbuckles are provided on both wire rope cables (one each side of the stand) for fine adjustment of cable tension as needed.
Foam filled tires (steerable from both ends) are provided to facilitate long distance mobility to/from work areas plus good stability during all axis movements. The brake lever is located on one side of the stand.

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