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PWA105742 Fan Rotation & Shipping Fixture for GP7200 Engines

  • Designed to be used for air and truck transport.  
  • Two Outrigger Arms provide stability during transfer.  
  •  Forklift pockets provide provisioning for fork lifting from either side of the unit to facilitate transfer to an aircraft cargo loader or a truck.  
  •  Once the Fan Case is mounted to the “A” Flange Mounting Plate it can be rotated for air transport or truck transport.  
  • Once the fan case is rotated into the horizontal position the fan case is then rotated clockwise/counter clockwise to clear the sides of the door of a 747 or to put in the proper clock position to remove the fan from the fan shipping fixture.  
  • The Rotation is accomplished using Screw Jacks eliminating the problems of hydraulic leaks and cylinder bleed-down associated with hydraulic systems.
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