AGSE-Westmont Names Torsten Mangelsdorf as Regional Sales Director for Central and Eastern Europe

AGSE-Westmont has welcomed Torsten Mangelsdorf to the European Sales Team. Mr. Mangelsdorf, based out of Lisbon, Portugal, will serve as a Regional Sales Director and will be responsible for providing both sales and technical support of all AGSE and Westmont product offerings to customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Torsten arrives at AGSE-Westmont with over twenty years of engine maintenance and support experience for both airline and MRO customers in Europe. He earned his degree in Aerospace Engineering from Aachen Technical Institute (1998), specializing in Propulsion System design.

After launching his aerospace career as a Performance and Development Engineer at Rolls-Royce in both the United Kingdom and Germany, Torsten worked out of the Airbus Delivery Center in Toulouse, France, negotiating and managing fuel retention guarantees with airline customers. Mr. Mangelsdorf later moved on to GE Aviation, where he held positions in Lead and Senior Field Technical Program Management, servicing both airline customers and engine MROs for the GE CF6 and GE90 platforms. Prior to joining AGSE-Westmont, Torsten led the sales and support team at OGMA, an engine MRO service provider for the Rolls-Royce AE family.

The addition of Torsten further raises AGSE-Westmont’s commitment to service and support excellence for customers in Europe.

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