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AGSE-E092-G01 Inlet Cowl Dolly for CFM56-7 Engines


• Designed to accommodate CFM56-7 engine inlet cowl for local/shop transport

• Supported by three (3) smooth rubber pad mounts along lower section

o Four (4) rubber pad supports along aft section

• Upper section secured by two ground handling lugs on sides of dolly & tightened down with turnbuckles

• Can be installed into dolly using overhead sling

o Secures quickly & easily


• Supported by four (4) caster assemblies

o Each caster assembly offers 2.5” wide x 10” diameter wheel for easy mobility & weight capacity of 1,800 LBS each
o Standard shock-absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks & face brakes

• Can be towed from aft end only

o Tow bars stow on dolly frame when not in use

• Maximum towing speed for dolly with inlet cowl is 3 MPH (5 Km/H)

Dimensions & Weight:

Length: 63.0”
Width: 94.0”
Height: 110.0”
Weight: 703 LBS
Weight: 1,013 LBS

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