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AGSE-E031 Pneumatic Tire Dolly for V2500 Engines

The AGSE-E031 Pneumatic Tire Dolly is designed for local site/work area transport of Pratt & Whitney V2500 engines in full QEC configuration. It is used in conjunction with the AM-2228 Cradle. The cradle pins securely into the place quickly and easily.

The Pneumatic tire Dolly consists of a steel welded frame with commercial running gear. Each axle accommodates a tow-bar, with parking brakes provided on the aft axle only. The tire size is 9.00-10 10 ply (27 Inches in diameter). The maximum towing speed for the dolly, cradle and engine is 10 MPH.

The stand is fabricated from structural steel shapes conforming to ASTM A500, A513, and A36 materials. All bolted connections use A325 structural bolts or SAE Grade % commercial hardware. Unit is primed and painted with high-grade, Skydrol resistant enamel, with color optional. Pins and miscellaneous hardware are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, or plated as required.

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