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AGSE-E175-G04 (11C4487P02) Transport Stand for GEnx-1B Production Engines


• Designed for truck transport of GEnx-1B full engine (serial #110 & on) in production configuration using the following Mini Bracket Adapters (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AGSE-V087 (11C4495)

• Truck/air transport of GEnx-1B propulsor only
• Consists of base & cradle assembly

• Cradle has two positions: raised for transport of full engine or lowered for the propulsor only

o Raised/lowered by integral cable system operated by manual or optional air-operated hydraulic pump

• Base supports cradle on elastomeric shock mounts to protect engine from vibrations

o Retractable shock-absorbing casters
o Hydraulic jacking leg system
o Tubes for fork lifting
o Provisions for AFT engine mount & adapter storage

• Applicable for fan module separation from/mate to propulsor using Fan Transfer Dollies AGSE-E177-G03 (11C4348P01) & AGSE-E177-G04 (11C4490P02)

o For AOG propulsor only change out situations

• Pneumatic Power Option available: AGSE-E175-G05 (11C4487P02-PPK)
• Compatible with Full Engine Cover (11C3061P02)


• Towable when supported by four (4) shock-absorbing casters

o Casters contain wheel brakes & four position swivel locks/provisions for manual steering bars to allow greater maneuvering & positioning
o Can be towed from either end when supporting propulsor only or full engine without inlet installed
o Maximum towing speed of 5 Km/H or 3 MPH

• Two 13.5” x 5.5” (inside dimensions) tubes open to both sides of base for forklifting
• Must be truck-transported (with engine or propulsor installed) on air-ride type suspension-equipped tractor trailers

• Air-transported (with propulsor only installed & in lowered position) on MD-11 & B747 freighters

o Air-transported (when shipping full engine without inlet) on Antonov AN124 or similar specialized large freighter

• Lifted (with propulsor or engine installed) by single point sling or two spreader bars attached to large ‘D’ rings on sides of base

Dimensions & Weight:

Empty*: 75” Height**** x 102” Width x 228” Length / 10,000 LBS
Propulsor Only**: 102” Height**** x 102” Width x 228” Length / 21,496 LBS
Full Engine***: 147.8” Height**** x 139.4” Width x 228” Length / 24,458 LBS

*Cradle raised
**No exhaust nozzle/cone & with flight mount
***No exhaust nozzle/cone & inlet, with flight mount
****Casters stowed (add 3” for casters in tow position)
5,500 lbs lighter than its competing stand!

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